How To Buy Furniture

How to buy furniture for your project, good furniture will be made our home (indoor and outdoor) area as best. Best for spend quality time with all family member, friend or business partner. Most interesting is have decoration concept idea before we start work on decoration our home, office or another project. so many parameter before we buy furniture for indoor and outdoor area:

  1. Make sure design, size and color will match with our concept and idea for installed on area we need.
  2. only buy product have good quality.
  3. Furniture at good condition, i mean is safe to install no chemical content or shape will hurt anyone.
  4. All function  work smoothly, as example furniture have drawer, no need big energy to pull and push drawer.
  5. Ask the seller, how long they provide a guarantee of furniture products that you will buy


Indoor furniture should be resist from room air conditioning (AC) attack, since we will installed on area with AC. Our furniture should have moisture content same with water moisture content on your room. Resist from insect and pest  attack. Indoor furniture point to choose is performance, style, dimension then strength.

Almost all indoor furniture will design with bigger component part than furniture for outdoor.

how to buy furniture
kharisma jati, how to buy furniture


Furniture for outdoor area have some parameter for we choice before buy that. But as my opinion strength of furniture product is number one we should check it. outdoor furniture should be resist from weather, climate, insect and pest attack. Also most all outdoor furniture designed with small small component part.

That’s why Solid teak wood very popular as furniture material. Solid teak wood have good strength from impact, bending. Solid teak wood also more resist from climate, weather, insect, fungus and bug attack.  Nice wood grain and nice natural color

kharisma jati furniture manufacturer
kharisma jati furniture manufacturer


Kharisma jati furniture manufacturer, Best Quality, Best Time Production, and Best Price is our motto to serve customer. We will allow customer for custom project for hotel, hospital, and home living project. Find out best quality wooden and rattan furniture from us, decorated your home, office and another project only with best quality furniture product

Contact us if you have question about furniture and about kharisma Jati furniture manufacturer, we will in touch as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention, nice to hear some interaction in here

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