HOW TO REPAIR YOUR FURNITURE, Hi welcome to our blog. a Blog where we try to help you in solving problems that often occur in the use of your furniture. We (Kharisma Jati furniture manufacturer and wholesale) strive to provide solutions to repair the damage that you often face while using furniture products.
Damage is minor but it is very disturbing in the use and performance of the furniture that we have, and in fact we can do the repair ourselves without calling for repair services or disposing of the furniture.

kharisma jati, custom furniture
kharisma jati, custom furniture

The following are problems that often occur during furniture use

1. Color scratched or dull
Often we find that the color of furniture has turned dull. Furniture color that changes to dull can be caused by the use of furniture that has been old and / or scratched because of the placement of sharp or hard items on our furniture. The dull color of the furniture due to dust that can stick to clean the dust that sticks to using polish furniture. Besides polish is useful for cleaning dust and sticking to a new outer layer.
For the coating layer that is scratched if the base color does not come off, we can simply spray back the new top coating. However, if the base color has been peeled and scratched, we have to do a new coloring and top coating.

2. loose or broken wood connections.
Sometimes we encounter damage to broken joints between broken or broken wood. this damage is more or less caused by the water content of the wood which is not dry enough, the connection process is not good, and the glue used to connect is not good.
damage like this we can fix in a way, on the broken part we do gluing again. don’t forget to use a press to make sure the wood joint is tight, and don’t open it as long as the wood glue hasn’t dried.

3. Drawer hard drag
For the types of furniture that use drawers, we often find drawers that are difficult to open and close, this is often because the items stored in the drawers are too much or too heavy. Another cause is the mechanical mislay of the drawer rails. To reduce the risk of damage to your furniture drawers, make sure the weight of the items you store in the drawer does not exceed the rail’s durability.
For mechanical rails, if it is empty it is still heavy to open and close, use wax or lubricating oil to smooth the drawer system. clean the rust and dirt in the drawer rail system.

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